About Me


My name is Chelsie- but my friends call me Chels, I’m 36 years old and hail from Denver, CO. While I despise skiing, the outdoors and snow deep down to my soul, I have lived here all my life for some ridiculous reason. Thanks to my lovely alcoholic mother/father I grew up in foster care and raised my 4 younger sisters- who were so terrible they made me not want children to the extent of wanting to scrape out my own uterus. I married my high-school boyfriend and after living in what felt like a real-life nightmare for 17 years we divorced 4years ago- from which I am still putting my life back together. I currently reside in Centennial and I’m a Data Analyst for an Ergonomics company in the Denver Tech Center. While also being a bitter single woman, wading through the copious amounts of terrible men in the dating cesspool. I spend my free time writing about life, scrap-booking and being a self proclaimed meme expert. This space will be my electronic brain dump and in addition to my dating adventures, I will also write about anything I think may be interesting or inspiring. Thank you for stopping by!

Chelsie O.