A Letter to My Younger Self

My dearest Chelsie, I know things are hard right now and life really sucks but I must tell you that you are built for this. One day you will look back on all of this and you’ll never have to wonder how you made it through. While you feel worthless, hopeless and unlovable right now, one day you will wake up and you will think “I’m worth it and fuck anybody who tries to tell me different”.

One day you will look back on all of your accomplishments and remember all the barriers that were stacked in your way. You’ll look back and remember the people that said you wouldn’t amount to anything and that you’d be a loser just like your mom- as you look around and realize you grew into a woman so great that your mother could only dream to be like you. You’ll remember those nights when you felt completely alone as you look around at the amazing people in your life who love you for you.

One day you’ll remember all the times you were there for others and will now for once in your life feel others are there for you and you don’t have to fight this battle we call life on your own. One day when you feel defeated, you’ll remember that this isn’t the toughest battle you’ve fought and you’ll fight on.

One day you’ll believe that everything that happened to you was to prepare you for this moment. One day you’ll actually love yourself as much as the amazing people in your life do and one day my sweet girl when someone calls you beautiful, you’ll actually believe them.


Chelsie O.

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